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Open Educational Resources @MJC

This guide provides an overview of open educational resources (OER), Zero textbook cost courses, and gives you tools to help you find, create, and share these resources.

Find OER

How can I find OER?

How can I find OER video image

Leaders in open education discuss the growing number of platforms available for locating OER and their favorite starting points, including OER Commons and the Open Textbook Library. It's also possible to filter by license type (or usage rights) to search for OER on commonly used search engines, such as Google, YouTube, and Flickr.

See our list of OER Repositories below for more ways to find OER.



 "How Can I Find OER?" by The Council of Chief State School OfficersCC BY 4.0, Music by Lahaina by Blue Dot Sessions: CC BY NC 4.0.

Tips for Finding OER

  1. There are a lot of OER out there. It takes time and persistence to find the ones that best fit you and your students' academic and research needs. This is not an exhaustive list of available OER content.
  2. Instead of focusing on the textbook that you want to replace, focus on what you want your students to know or do.
  3. Your OER Librarian, Iris Carroll, or Shirley Miranda can help you locate materials for your course.

Find OER with the License You Need

When you search for an OER, be sure to examine the CC license to make sure it allows the use you see fit.

OER Repositories

This is by no means an exhaustive list of OER repositories. If you find one you like, please send it to Iris Carroll so that I can add it.

General Repositories

Textbook Repositories

Course Materials

Simulations and Animation

Photos, Images, Audio, and Video

OER by Discipline

If you're looking for OER for your specific discipline, check out our OER Discipline pages.