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Open Educational Resources @MJC

This guide provides an overview of open educational resources (OER), Zero textbook cost courses, and gives you tools to help you find, create, and share these resources.

Create & License OER

Wanna Work Together?

One of the beautiful aspects about using OER in your curriculum is that when you do, you become a part of a large community of educators who are creating and sharing their work for others to use. You don't have to start from scratch; just find content you like, modify it according to the applicable CC license guidelines, use it, and pay it forward by sharing it.

Additionally, you may find that existing open educational resources don't meet all of your instructional needs. Therefore, you may want to customize an open resource you've selected. Consider the following ways you may want to modify open resources to make them more appropriate for your teaching style:

  • Combine two or more open OERs and package with ZTC materials to create one full course package.
  • Rearrange or remix the content in an open resource.
  • Add glossaries, hyperlinks, and test bank.
  • Make edits to an open resource to improve accuracy and relevance for your course.
  • Make content accessible for students with visual impairments.


"Creative Commons 'Wanna Work Together'" from Ryan Junell on Vimeo.

Modifying & Authoring Open Textbooks

Modifying an Open Textbook

Learn the basics about modifying and/or authoring open textbooks from these sources below.

Authoring an Open Textbook

Tools for Creating OER

There are many tools you can use to create or modify OER, but it can be confusing to pick the one you want. Here are some tools you can consider to get you started.

Low Tech Options

The simplest way to start is by using familiar word processing tools such as Microsoft Word, Google Docs, or Libre Office. You can easily save/export these documents as a PDF or print them.

Additional low-tech options include:

Medium Tech Options

Another common way to create or edit educational resources is to create a website or hosted resource. This could be in the form of a blog, a static website, or a wiki. WordPress can be a great tool for these sorts of medium-tech projects.

Additional medium-tech options include:

High Tech Options

There are a number of platforms that provide professional tools for authoring content, and some are very easy to use. A common tool used by OER projects is PressBooks (in which this text is published), a publishing software that makes it easy to produce interactive e-books and other text-based content. Other tools, like Jupyter, may take time to master and require special expertise.

Additional high-tech options include:

"The OER Starter Kit" by Abbey Elder is licensed under CC By 4.0.

Licensing Your Work

Give Your OER a CC License

The Choose a License Tool will walk you through a few questions to help you determine which freedoms and restrictions you would like to allow for your work.

The Creative Commons also has a wiki entitled, Marking your work with a CC license that can help you license your own OER.

Choose a license tool