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Off-Campus Access

Learn how to get help and connect to our resources when you're away from campus

Connecting From Off-Campus

Why Log In:

Although the MJC Library would like to offer open access to all of our research resources, license agreements with the publishers of our databases and eBooks require that only MJC students, faculty, and staff be given off-campus access to these resources. If you have a valid MJC identification number, you can access our rich collection of research resources even when you are not on campus.


To connect to article databases or eBooks from off campus, once you click on the name of the database you'll be prompted to log in with your MJC ID Number (your student # without the W or your employee #) and your six-digit birth date.


  • If you have trouble connecting to one of our databases, first make sure you have Cookies enabled on your Web browser.
  • If you have problems connecting to databases that you could previously, make sure you have cleared your CookiesHistory, and Temporary Internet Files.

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