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Caring and knowledgeable peer tutors can help you with a variety of subjects.

Today's Hours



Appointments (In-Person & Online)

You can work with a peer tutor either in-person or online during our regular hours. Outside of those hours, you can access NetTutor (see below),

You can also drop in for math help in-person or online (see below).

Make a Tutoring Appointment 

  1. Be sure that you have registered for Tutor 850 before you schedule your appointment.
  2. Click the button below that reflects where you want to meet.
  3. For online appointments, select either campus and you will be prompted for online.
  4. See the Step-by-Step instructions below.
east campus appointment button west campus appointment button

Drop-In Math Tutoring

Fall 2022:

You can get drop-in math tutoring in two ways:

  • In-person drop-in is available during our regular hours.
  • Online drop-in is available using NetTutor. Click the link below to access NetTutor.

NetTutornettutor image‚Äč

Need help when the Library & Learning Center is closed? NetTutor is your answser.

NetTutor is an online tutoring platform that is available to all MJC students as a supplementary tutoring service for students. 

  • You can access NetTutor using the link below.
  • You'll also find NetTutor in the course navigation menu of your Canvas courses. (Note: If you don't see it in one course, check another one or ask your teacher).
NetTutor is available 24/7 for the following subjects

Accounting, Administration of Justice, Anatomy and Physiology, Anthropology, Astronomy, Biology, Business, Chemistry, Child Development, Communications and Speech, Computer Science and IT, Economics, English Literature, Finance, French, FYE & College Student Success, Geology, German, History, Italian, Logic, Math (Algebra, Basic Math, Pre-Calculus and above, Statistics, Probability, and Math in Spanish), Music, Nursing and Health, Philosophy, Physics, Political Science, Psychology, Sociology, Spanish, and Writing.

Meet Our Tutors

Tutors Are

  • Here to help you be successful in your classes
  • Students who have earned a high B or A and have been recommended by their instructors for classes they tutor
  • Role models who help students understand course content, go over homework exercises, and prepare for tests and assignments
  • Students too, so they have flexible schedules to accommodate your needs

What Tutors Don't Do

  • Students' homework
  • Give the answers to problems without helping students discover them
  • Hold tutoring sessions outside the L & LC
  • Hold tutoring sessions for specific faculty members

Have Questions?

Have Questions?

Tools for Students

Use these tools to help you stay organized so that you can succeed in all of your classes.