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ELIC 140 - Luman - Civic Engagement

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We Are All Bystanders

Search terms

Use these terms for researching the bystander effect:

  • bystander effect
  • bystanders
  • apathy
  • altruism
  • Kitty Genovese

Background information

Use the search terms on the left to find overview articles in the Gale Virtual Reference Library, or try one of the articles linked to below.

Opinion and analysis on the bystander effect

News Articles on Events Involving Bystanders

Bystanding/Intervening in Sexual Harrassment in the Workplace

Bystanding/Intervening in Child Abuse

Bystanding/Intervening in Genocide

Bystanding/Intervening in Bullying at School

Bystanding/Intervening with Asylum Seekers

Bystanding/Intervening in Sexual Assault

Bystanding/Intervening in the oppression of Palestinians

Bystanding/Intervening in Mob Violence

Bystanding/Intervening in Syria

Bystanding/intervening in the Holocaust

Below is the trailer for the documentary film Ordinary Men: The Forgotten Holocaust. It's available on Netflix.

Bystanding/intervening in the Rwandan Genocide