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ELIC 140 - Luman - Civic Engagement

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Frameworks of oppression (Iris Marion Young)

  • Cultural Dominance (or Cultural Imperialism)
    • the establishment of the culture of the ruling class as the norm
  • Marginalization
    • relegating or confining a group of people to a lower social standing or outer edge of society
    • examples: people of the non-dominant race, people who are elderly, disabled, or unemployed
  • Powerlessness
    • powerless people are dominated by the ruling class and are situated to take orders and rarely have the right to give them
    • examples: professional vs. non-professional labor, sexism, racism
  • Violence
    • members of some groups must fear random, unprovoked attacks on their persons or property
    • examples: physical violence, intimidation, harassment, ridicule
  • Exploitation
    • the act of using people's labors to produce profit while not compensating them fairly
    • examples: gender exploitation (paying women less) or racial exploitation (slavery)

Find background information on oppression in the Gale Virtual Reference Library:

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Using & Finding Books

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Sample topics and materials

Bracero program

Search terms: Bracero, Bracero program, guest workers

Sexual assault in the workplace

Search terms: sexual assault, sexual abuse, sexual assault workplace, metoo movement

Child labor

Search terms: child labor, child labor laws, child welfare, child labor + country (such as: child labor India), child labor + product (such as: child labor tobacco)

Organ trafficking

Search terms: organ trafficking, organ transplants, human trafficking

International adoptions

Search terms: international adoption, intercountry adoption, orphanages

Exploitation in the trucking industry

Search terms: trucking, trucking industry, truck drivers

Uyhgur people

Search terms: Uyhgur, Uygur, Uighur

Rohingya people

Search terms: Rohingya, Myanmar, refugees

Economic Oppression in the Taxi Industry

Search terms in EBSCO databases: Taxicabs New York


Search terms: Redlining, Discrimination in mortgage loans

Syrian Refugees

Search terms for general articles about the conditions in Turkey for refugees: Syrian refugees in Turkey (limit search by year for most recent articles)

Police Brutality

Child Soldiering


Search terms: femicide, violence against women, crimes against women, intimate partner violence

Israeli Occupation of Palestine

Search terms: Palestine, Palestinian Authority, Arab-Israel Conflict, Palestinian Refugees, Palestinian oppression, Palestine occupation, Hamas, Palestine Liberation Organization, Intifada, West Bank, Gaza

Masculine / Patriarchal Cultures

Search terms: Patriarchy, patriarchal system, male dominance, masculinity, oppression of women. Try also combining terms like patriarchy Mexico, or patriarchy India, or patriarchy Islam, or patriarchy Christianity.


Search terms: redlining, housing segregation, residential segregation, housing inequality, housing inequity

Owned: A Tale of Two Americas (a film about home ownership and the creation of two divergent Americas)