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ENGL 100 - Miranda - Wellness

Use this guide to get started on the research for your annotated bibliography for ENGL 100

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Intellectual Wellness encompasses curiosity, life-long learning, awareness of current events, reading books, magazines and newspapers. For this dimension of wellness, consider researching specific current issues of societal importance, such as the following, which all link to their own research guides:

You can also study topics like:

  • curiosity
  • life-long learning
  • creativity

Keep up with current events and news by reading the New York Times. As an MJC student, you have free access to the digital version. The link below gives instructions for how to access the newspaper.

Library Databases

Databases for background reading on current events and issues:

General databases for substantive and scholarly articles:

eBooks @ MJC

Find more books on your intellectual interests in the MJC Library's eBook collection: