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Leading Students Beyond Google: Effective Research Assignments for the 21st Century

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Kathleen Ennis
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Spring 2022 Research Help
In-Person Help with Kathleen
East Campus Library
Wednesdays 1pm-5pm.
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Mondays 10am-1pm
Tuesdays 2pm-4pm
Fridays: 2pm-4pm

If none of my posted availability works for you, please email me. We will figure something out!

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Thank you for your commitment to developing and nurturing information literacy in our students. The ability to effectively find, evaluate, and use information is an essential 21st Century skill. Information literacy improves a student's academic, professional, and real world success, and is every bit as vital as reading, writing, and performing essential mathematical calculations.

Students in 2017 have access to -- and are often bombarded with -- far more information in than most of us did when we ourselves were in college. In many ways this is a miraculous boon; in other ways it is overwhelming and often downright dangerous.  By embedding meaningful research assignments into our courses  -- assignments that allow students to acquire, practice, and master information literacy skills -- we can all do our part to insure our student's emerge from Modesto Junior College with the skills needed to flourish in the Information Age.