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TEAS Prep Guide

Resources for the TEAS at MJC and beyond.

Take a Practice Test

What about taking a practice test right off the bat, to assess your strengths and areas you'll need to focus on to pass the TEAS? The following resource gives you a practice test along with the answers so you can tell right off the bat what you'll need to study. 


Above Resource: How to Create a TEAS 7 Study Schedule with Nurse Lemetria from Smart Edition Nursing

The above video is from the YouTube channel Smart Edition Nursing. This video features Nurse Lemetria, who discusses how to plan out a study schedule for the TEAS test and maximize your study time. On the video's YouTube page there is a link to get the study planner and the practice test used in the video for free. 

Above Resource: What kind of learner are you? - The4 different learning styles with Clipboard Classes

Above Resource: ATI TEAS Version 7 Test Taking Strategies with Nurse Cheung

Tutoring is available at the Library & Learning Center (East and West Campus) and in Glacier Hall Conference room 165 (go to the service desk to the far right of the main entrance of Glacier Hall). For TEAS tutoring, please bring the material you would like to cover. We do not have tutors specific for TEAS, but we DO have tutors for the different subjects covered in the TEAS test.   

You can make appointments online at the L&LC tutoring website or give us a call at (209) 575-6676 (West) or (209) 575-6346 (East). Drop-in is available as well at both L&LC sites and at Glacier Hall. It is recommended to make an appointment if you desire one on one help.    

Library & Learning Center: 

  • Math & Writing - Monday-Thursday 9am -7pm, Friday 9am - 5pm, Saturday(West only) 10am - 4pm 
  • Anatomy (West only) - Monday & Tuesday 11am - 4pm, Wednesday 1pm-5pm, Thursday 1pm-5:30pm, Friday 10am -2:30pm

Glacier Hall:

  • Math- Tuesday & Thursday 11am -1pm
  • Writing- Wednesday & Thursday 11am -1pm
  • Anatomy- Monday 11am- 5pm, Tuesday 8:30am -9:30am, Wednesday 11am - 1pm, Thursday 8:30-5pm, Friday 1:30-5pm 

Making a Study Plan

How Much Time?

Give yourself at minimum of one week for each of the four test sections. ATI recommends beginning to study at least 6 weeks prior to your test date.

Study Plan

It's a good idea to spend some time understanding the test structure as well as time reviewing the kind of Reading, Math, Science, and English questions that you will see. 

We then recommend you make a personalized study plan to organize the study time you have available. Think about how much time you will commit to studying before exam day and what resources you can access. Map out your plan by week or write down what you plan to do each day, then stick to it!

Sample 6-week study plan, using PrepSTEP's online materials and the 2022-2023 Official ATI TEAS Study Manual




Wk 1

English & Language Usage

  • Familiarize with resources and layout on this TEAS prep guide
  • Buy or borrow ATI TEAS study manual
  • Make a PrepSTEP account to access free practice tests
  • Read through TEAS introductory materials (p. III-XII of the study manual are a good starting point) and make a study plan for the remaining weeks (when, where, and how much to study)
  • Read English & Language Usage section introduction in study manual (p. 295)
  • Take English and Language usage section practice test 1 in PrepSTEP or study manual and review results
  • Complete pages 297 - 327 of the study manual, completing practice problems along the way and checking answers
  • Review Key Terms (p. 329)
  • Take the Unit Quiz (p. 337) and check answers (p.342)

Wk 2

Reading I

  • Read Reading section introduction in study manual (p.1)
  • Take TEAS Reading Practice test 1 in PrepSTEP or study manual and review answers
  • Complete pages 3 - 30 in the study manual. For each section, complete practice problems and check answers (p. 65)

Wk 3

Reading II

  • Complete pages 31 - 58 in the study manual. For each chapter, complete practice problems, and check answers (p. 65)
  • Review Key Terms (p. 61)
  • Take Unit Quiz (p. 71) and check answers (p. 83)

Wk 4


  • Read Math section introduction in study manual (p. 89)
  • Take TEAS Mathematics Practice test 1 in PrepSTEP or study manual and check answers
  • Complete pages 91 - 140. For each chapter, read chapter content, complete practice problems, and check answers on p. 145
  • Review Key Terms (p. 141)
  • Take Unit Quiz (p. 153) and check answers (p. 158)

Wk 5

Science I

  • Read Science section introduction in study manual (p. 163)
  • Take TEAS Science Practice test 1 in PrepSTEP  or study manual. Check answers
  • Complete pages 165 - 224. For each chapter, read chapter content, complete practice problems, then check answers (p. 273)

Wk 6

Science II

  • Complete pages 227 - 257. For each chapter, read chapter content, complete practice problems, then check answers (p. 273)
  • Review Key Terms (p. 261)
  • Take Unit Quiz (p. 283), then check answers (p. 288)
  • Take a complete practice exam (p. 347) in 2022-2023 Official ATI TEAS Study Manual:
    • Reading Practice Test (55 minutes)
    • Math Practice Test (57 minutes)
    • (10 minute break)
    • Science Practice Test (60 minutes)
    • English and Language Usage Practice Test  (37 minutes)
  • Review results