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TEAS Prep Guide

Resources for the TEAS at MJC and beyond.

Take a Practice Test

What about taking a practice test right off the bat, to assess your strengths and areas you'll need to focus on to pass the TEAS? The following resource gives you a practice test along with the answers so you can tell right off the bat what you'll need to study. 

Practice Tests

Learning Express/PrepStep

This resource is FREE to Modesto Junior College students. You will need to register for a PrepStep account from a campus computer or from your home device (after logging in with your MJC credentials from off campus). If you're at home, access PrepSTEP from the MJC Articles & Databases page; look under "P." 
PrepSTEP screenshot with arrow pointing to link for registering an account


Once you have registered, you can enter "teas" in the search bar and select an option for study. 

You can also find TEAS study guides under Career Preparation > Prepare for Nursing Exams > Prepare for Nursing School Entrance Tests > ATI TEAS Preparation. This will have practice tests to help you prepare for the TEAS Test. From there you can select a specific topic to study or test over, such as English and Language Usage, Mathematics, Reading, and Science. 


You can take the test as a simulation (like test day--timed and no answers), as a practice (see answers afterwards), or as a learner (see answers as you go). 

Print & Online Resources


Print Resources