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Course Materials on Reserve: Home

Find out about course materials on reserve in the library


Questions About Reserve Materials?

If you have questions please contact 

Or call 575-6228 (Leave a message if  there is no answer)

Reserve Materials

Most reserve materials are not available at this time due to COVID restrictions.
  • There are a few materials that are available for you to check out for the entire semester (semester loans). These include:
    • TI 84 (graphing) and TI 30 (scientific) calculators
    • Laptops
    • Hotspots
    • and some books.
  • If there are semester loans available for your class, your instructor will let you know.

  Appointments are available 

Monday - Friday, 8:00 am - 5:00 pm 


           Pick items up at the East Campus Library & Learning Center

You can make a reservation to pick up any of these materials here

Books available for Fall 2021 Semester loan:


Akard Humanities 101 Adventures in the Human Spirit
Akard  Humanities 110

Understanding Global Cultures 

Various  ELW 901-906 Future
  ELW 911 Future US Citizens 
Barr  Art 123 Classic Human Anatomy
Art 123 The Figurative Artist's Handbook
Online Graphing Calculators:

If your instructor does not require that you use a particular graphing calculator, take a look at the online calculators below.

Returning Your Materials

Feel free to drop any materials in the drop box on East Campus, whether or not you checked it out on East.  We are waiving overdue fees, but do need to get material back. So please, next time you are on campus, return any calculators or books you checked out while we were in remote instruction.

There are two drop boxes available. One is along North Campus Way, which you can enter from College Ave. You can use it without having to park your car. Just hop out and drop your item in (even calculators)!



There is also a return on the side of the East Campus Library and Learning Center building. Walk up the stairs as if you are going to enter the building, then look on the wall to the left.

Questions? E-mail Michael Leamy at

You will not be charged a late fee if you return an item late, but you will be charged for the item.