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PSYCH 102 - Research Methods

This guide is created to help students complete the literature review for Psychology 102

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What is a Literature Review

Your Assignment:

For your assignment you need to write a literature review on a psychology topic of your choosing. You'll be discovering and exploring many sources to help you fully understand what psychology scholars and experts are saying about your topic in the published literature.

Why a Literature Review Matters:

Your teacher is giving you the opportunity to familiarize yourself with the evidence, methods, and modes of discussion in the literature about your topic so that you can conduct your experiment and explore your topic from an informed perspective. You do this in your daily life too. Before you choose a new lotion, take a new medicine, or go on a trip, you try to read everything about it so you can make an informed decision.

In your case, before you embark on designing an experiment you need to know what has already been written and studied on that topic so that you can create a sound hypothesis and predictions to explore.

The two sources below can help you get started with your literature review: