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PSYCH 122 - Research Methods

Use this guide to complete your Psychology 122 research assignment

Select A Meaningful Topic

Generating Topic Ideas

Whenever you are given the freedom to do so, select a topic that genuinely interests you and/or is relevant to your life. Do a quick inventory:

  • What makes you tick? What defines you?
  • What problems affect you or someone close to you?
  • What do you think the biggest problem in society is?

You'll want to consider the following issues before you select your topic:

  • Will it sustain my interest?
  • Does it fit the parameters of my assignment?
  • Is credible information on this topic readily available?

Sources to Help You Generate Topic Ideas

In considering what topic you want to research, begin thinking about what you've learned in class so far that interests you. You can also start to think about possible topics that you've heard or read about or one that affects you personally.

Below are some sources that can help jumpstart this process: