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Obesity in America: Research Obesity

Kick start your research on the issue of obesity

Research Obesity

Start Learning About Your Topic

It's important to begin your research learning something about your subject; in fact, you won't be able to create a focused, manageable thesis unless you already know something about your topic.

Use the words below to search for useful information in books including eBooks and articles at the MJC Library.

  • obesity
  • overweight persons
  • fatness
  • overweight
  • morbid obesity
Top Picks for Background Reading:

All of these resources are free for MJC students, faculty, & staff. 

Create Research Questions to Focus Your Topic

Obesity is a complex issue with many causes and consequences. You could concentrate on one set of issues and do in-depth research on that or use several of the questions below to focus on the topic of obesity more generally.

  • Is obesity a serious problem?
  • What factors cause obesity?
  • Is obesity hereditary?
  • Is obesity harmful to your health?
  • Is obesity a physical or mental health issue?
  • What are the economic consequences to society of obesity?
  • Who should take responsibility for obesity?
  • What steps should be taken to fight obesity?
  • Should sodas and junk food be banned in school cafeterias?
  • Based on what I have learned from my research what do I think about the issue of obesity in America?

Find Articles in Library Databases

All of these resources are free for MJC students, faculty, & staff. 

If you're working from off campus, you'll need to sign in just like you do for your MJC email and Canvas classes.

Search the Web

Use the Web to explore cutting-edge topics and to read current information.

Google Scholar is a great way to use Google to find scholarly information on the Web. Search Google Scholar below:

Google Scholar Search

You may also be interested in these two relevant and reliable Website below:

Cite Your Sources

Your teacher should have told you what style you should use.

Click on a citation style below to learn how to cite your sources and format your paper using that style.

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