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NoodleTools for Faculty

Learn to use NoodleTools as a teaching and assessment tool. You can also use NoodleTools for your own research projects

Create a New Account or Sign In

NoodleTools is a library database just like our other article databases. Therefore, you access it from the library's website. You can access it here by clicking on this link or from our Databases page.

Once At the Sign In page you have two options: You can Sign In or Register.


If you have never used Noodletools, you'll need to click Register to complete the New User Registration form.

  1. Under Subscription Type select An account linked to a school/library subscription or trial.
  2. In the About You area, be sure to check the "I am a teacher or librarian" radio button 
  3. Next, in the Choose a Personal ID area you’ll create a Personal ID and Password that you'll use to log in to your workspace every time you use NoodleTools (full version). You can use your MJC ID number as your Personal ID in NoodleTools if that works best for you
  4. Be sure to include your phone number, initials, and email so that NoodleTools can help you remember your password if you forget it in the future
  5. And finally, click Register.

After you register, you will see the Projects screen:

Teacher's project screen







Sign In

​Next time you go to NoodleTools you’ll enter your personal ID and password to sign in to your NoodleTools account.

Connecting From Off-Campus

The MJC Library subscribes to NoodleTools the same way we subscribe to our other databases.

Just like our other databases, when you access NoodleTools from off campus, you'll be asked to log in just like you would for your email or Canvas.

Once you are authenticated as an MJC Library affiliate, you’ll need to enter your NoodleTools personal ID and password to access your account.

​What If I'm Asked to Enter My Library's Information?

For security purposes, NoodleTools revalidates all accounts every August 1st. Simply enter:

Username:  modesto 

Password: mjclibrary