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NoodleTools for Faculty

Learn to use NoodleTools as a teaching and assessment tool. You can also use NoodleTools for your own research projects

What is NoodleTools and Why Should I Use It?

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Your complete research-management and responsive-teaching system


NoodleTools will help you:

  • Teach higher learning skills of analysis and synthesis
  • Train your students to plan, gather, and organize their research
  • Interact with and monitor your students' work by having them share their research projects with you
  • Provide useful, immediate feedback to students every step of the way as you collaborate with them on their research
  • Improve student learning in the areas of Notetaking, Summarizing, and Evaluating
  • Improve your research experience by using it as a researcher

NoodleTools will help your students to:

  • Create bibliographies in MLA, APA, and Chicago styles then export them into a paper
  • Format their bibliographies
  • Plan, gather, and organize their research using electronic note cards
  • Analyze, synthesize and incorporate their sources into their papers
  • Get immediate feedback from their instructors on their citations, sources, and papers
  • Work on group projects with classmates using Google Docs

To see how NoodleTools functions as a research management tool, please see our research guide, NoodleTools for Researchers. It can help you with your own research and help you understand the system from the student perspective (Simply click on the image):

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To see how you can use NoodleTools as a teaching tool, continue to the next page of this guide.

This guide is adapted from the NoodleTools Quick Guide for Librarians & Teachers