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Art Research Basics

Learn to research art with ease using credible, college-appropriate resources to frame, guide, and inform your projects.

Researching Art and Artists

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Welcome to Art Research Basicsa research guide designed to help you become more independent and effective in finding useful, credible information on art and its creators. If you find you need additional help, please remember that MJC Research Librarians are available to help you in person at the reference desk and by phone, email, chat, text, and online appointment.

You can work through the entire guide by moving through the headings in the navigation bar at the left or you can simply pick and choose topics that interest you and jump around in the guide. 

Research as a Process

Research in an integral part of the college experience. Research assignments require students  to explore ideas, analyze issues, solve problems, or make arguments related to existing ideas. The development and mastery of research skills is an essential part of your academic and lifelong success. 

Among the skills you will be expected to use are:

  • Identifying the goals and guidelines of research assignments
  • Choosing and developing thesis-driven topics 
  • Formulating research questions to guide inquiry into your topic
  • Locating credible sources in support of your thesis
  • Using sources effectively and ethically within your work

MJC research librarians can help you get off to a strong start on the research projects you encounter during your tenure at Modesto Junior College. They can introduce you to the research skills you need and guide you as you begin to put them into practice. 

If you are interested in consulting with a research librarian on your research project, simply click the Ask a Librarian button below. More detailed information on the array of assistance available through the MJC Library & Learning Center is available on the Get Help page at the end of this guide.