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PSYCH 104 - Introduction to Social Psychology

This guide is intended to help students complete their research projects in Psychology 104

Why Use the Web?

Face it; it's easy and familiar to many people.  Also, the Web is a great resource for research because it's so vast; you can find primary documents, news stories, research papers, pictures, movies, sound, government reports, and more.  For research you would use the Web to:

  • Research cutting-edge topics
  • Read current news and information
  • Link to Library information & resources
  • Discover information about companies
  • Find information from all levels of government
  • Read expert and popular opinions

Choose Web Resources Wisely

Learn to choose your Web resources wisely in this video by Prentiss Price-Evans.

Search Google Scholar

Use Google Scholar to find scholarly literature on the Web

Google Scholar Search

Selected Psychology Web Sites

Here are some reputable Web sites you can use to start mining the Web for reliable sources of information. Mouse over the sites' names to read a brief description.