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Evidence-Based Practice

Developed to facilitate research for nursing students attending classes at Modesto Junior College

Developing Research Questions For Your Case Study

Your task includes identifying a specific evidence-based practice being utilized in the care of one of your patients. Here are some ideas of questions you can ask about that practice.  Developing specific research questions will help keep your research focused as well as helping you present your information in a well-organized fashion.

  1. What practice is being used to care for my patient and why?

  2. How exactly is that practice carried out?

  3. What is the history of this practice?

    1. What was done before the evidence on this practice emerged?

    2. When did things change?

    3. Why did things change?

  4. What is the actual evidence behind this practice?

    1. Major studies?

  5. What has the effect of this evidence-based practice been?

  6. Based on your research, what do you conclude about this nursing practice?

Identify Proper Search Terms Using MeSH

Most research tools will require you to type search terms in a box and press a button marked "search." Making sure you are using the correct search terminology (also called search terms, subject headings, or descriptors) is the first step to ensuring you find what you are looking for.