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ENGL 101- Eckrich - Humor Theory: Home

Use this guide to find sources for the Analysis and Evaluation of Humor Theory writing assignment


Search Terms

When searching the library databases and the Web, search by theory: 

  • subversion theory humor
  • surprise theory humor
  • pain theory humor

Once you have determined your comedic text and theory, narrow your search terms:

  • "Watsons Go to Birmingham" humor
  • "Key and Peele"
  • "David Sedaris" humor

Credibility is Crucial!

You need to be sure that you are using the best possible sources of information. You will likely find a variety of sources during your research: books, articles, Web documents, interviews, films, and more.  For each and every source you use you want to make sure it passed the CRAAP test

Currency - Is the content presented current enough for your project? For your specific research question?

Relevancy - Does it answer your research question?

Authority - Does the author have relevant expertise on the topic about which she is writing?

Accuracy - Is the information provided correct?

Point of View - Is the information biased? Is the author trying to persuade you to believe a certain way?

Watch the brief video below to learn more about the CRAAP Test:

Research 101: Need More Research Help?

If you'd like much more in-depth instruction about the process of conducting research, please check out our guides:

What's So Funny?

                                                                                        Calvin and Hobbes by Bill Watterson, January 2, 1989

Library Sources for Comedic Texts

You may have a favorite text you wish to use for this assignment, but if you are still looking, the following sources may help:

Find Focused Information in Library Databases

All of these resources are free for MJC students, faculty, & staff.

Search using the Key Search Words at the top of this guide, or use words more specific to your topic.

If you're working from off campus, you'll need to sign in. Once you click on the name of a database, simply enter your student ID (without the W) and your six-digit birth date. 

Finding Information on the Web

For guidance on searching the Web, see Google for Researchers.

  • Use the advanced search option to limit your results to the .edu domain.
  • Use the CRAAP test (see sidebar to the right) to evaluate all Web sources.

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Citation Styles

Your instructor should tell you which citation style they want you to use. Click on the appropriate link below to learn how to format your paper and cite your sources according to a particular style.