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Countries & Cultures: Learning About Countries & Cultures

This guide is designed to help you become more independent and effective in finding useful, credible information on different countries and their cultures.

Learning About Countries & Cultures

Start with Background Reading

Use the Gale eBooks database (link is below) to find short overview articles on topics related to your research.

Some recommended search terms:

  • the name of your specific country or culture
  • ethnology encyclopedias
  • manners and customs
  • ethnicity united states
  • cultural assimilation
  • social life and customs  - Put this subject term after names of specific countries, cities, etc. and under classes of people and ethnic groups (for example, Asia social life and customs or African Americans social life and customs
  • civilization - Put this term after the name of a specific country (for example, iran civilization

Recommended Databases for Further Research

All of these databases are free for you to use. If you are working from off campus, simply login like you do for your MJC email and Canvas courses.

Selected Websites

Google Scholar:

Use Google Scholar to find scholarly information on the Web.

Google Scholar Search

Cite Your Sources

Your instructor should tell you which citation style they want you to use. Click on the appropriate link below to learn how to format your paper and cite your sources according to a particular style.

Get Help

Real librarians are here to help you.

In addition to the chat button at the bottom of the page try these other ways to get help:


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 Text: (209) 710-5270
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