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Evaluate Your Sources

Don't be caught using unreliable information. Learn to use the CRAAP Test to identify credible sources

Relevance Refers to How Well the Information Meets Your Needs


Some Questions to Ask: Where to Look for Answers:
  • Does the information answer your research question?
  • Does the information help you understand your topic better?
  • Is the source written at a level appropriate for your intended use?
  • The requirements for your assignment
  • Your research questions


Your Assignment

Look for clues that your teacher has planted inside your assignment prompts.


Research Questions

Based on your assignment prompt and any preliminary reading you do to begin to understand your topic, you’ll create questions that will help guide your research. You’ll explore literally dozens of sources of information to answer your questions, being sure to use only those sources that help you answer, further understand, or refine your research questions. For more help with research questions see our research guide entitled Develop Research Questions