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Evidence-Based Practice

Developed to facilitate research for nursing students attending classes at Modesto Junior College

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Greeting! This Subject Guide was created for students in the Nursing & Allied Health Division, as well as for students in the Respiratory Care Bachelor's program. Welcome to this guide on Evidence-Based Practice. If you need help with any stage of your research process, feel free to contact me. 

What is Evidence Based Practice?

Definition: Evidence-based practice is the process by which health care providers incorporate the best research or evidence into clinical practice in combination with clinical expertise and within the context of patient values.

Description: Evidence-based practice evolved out of an explosion of scientific literature and new techniques, medications, and technologies. Medical facilities were faced with rising medical costs and increased litigation, and consumers were calling for accountability in medicine. The medical profession began to seek new ways to insure quality control of medical care. Basing medical procedures and practices on sound research became the means to find the best philosophical, legal, and practical fit for medical institutions and individual patients.

From:  Franz, Janie F., and Laura Jean Cataldo. "Evidence-Based Practice." The Gale Encyclopedia of Nursing and Allied Health. Ed. Brigham Narins. 3rd ed. Vol. 2. Detroit: Gale, 2013. 1285-1289. Gale Virtual Reference Library. Web. 29 Apr. 2015.    

Evidence-Based Practice Explained

This video from Steely Library of Northern Kentucky University is designed for students majoring in an allied health field. This video provides an overview of evidence-based practice and the role of information in guiding decisions.