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Women in American History

Learn how to research topics in women's history in the United States

Start with Background Reading

Use the Gale eBooks database (link is below) to find short overview articles on topics related to your research.

Some recommended search terms:

  • Use the Name of Your Woman: To find information about a person, use that person's name as the subject of your search.
    For example, if I want to find information about Amelia Earhart, I will search on the term: earhart, amelia.
  • Add Words to Focus Your Search: To further focus my search on a particular aspect of Amelia Earhart, I'll add keywords to my original search.
    For example: earhart, amelia and "women's rights"
  • Find Primary Sources: To find primary sources, simply add one of the following words to the end of your search - sources, personal narratives, diaries, correspondence, photographs.

Using Databases to Explore Your Topic Further

Why Use Databases:

The MJC Library subscribes to many databases filled with authoritative articles, book chapters, research reports, statistics, and more from thousands of respected publications. You can search these databases either by topic or for a specific article.

Using the Library's article databases ensures that you're using sources your instructors expect you to use, and you won't have to cull through millions of unrelated Web pages that will waste your time and energy.

Explore Your Topic Using Articles & Films: