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The MJC Library has a host of videos on YouTube that you can use to learn about our services, resources, and information literacy skills.


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The MJC Library has a host of videos on YouTube that you can use to learn about our services, resources, and research skills. Below you'll see several of our most used videos.

To see all of our videos, take a look at the MJC Library YouTube channel.

How to Use Library Databases

This video shares where to find MJC's research databases, provides an overview of two popular databases- Gale eBooks and EBSCOhost-, and demonstrates the variety of tools at your disposal once you find relevant articles.

How to Navigate the L & LC Website

This video will take you on a virtual tour of the L & LC Website, showing you library resources and services that you can find on our website.

How to Work with a Librarian

Watch this video for direction on how to get research help, via chat, phone call, text, email, browsing FAQ's, and scheduling an appointment with a librarian.

Using the Library Catalog

Watch this video for help on how to search our Library catalog for articles, e-books, and more.

How to Find eBooks in the Library Catalog

Need an e-book but don't know how to find it? Watch this video to learn how to find e-books using our Library catalog. 

College Research

This video introduces students to expectations of college-level work. It provides a brief introduction on the importance of choosing credible sources and using the Library to find them.

Quick Google Searches

Watch this video for Google searching techniques using "Advanced Search" and "Tools."

Research Questions

Having trouble creating your research questions? Watch this video for brainstorming tips and guidance on how to use resources for background reading to formulate your research question.

Types of Sources

This video uses humor and exaggeration to teach the difference between popular, substantive, and scholarly sources.


Watch this entertaining video to learn the importance of finding articles that are current, relevant, authoritative, accurate and with an unbiased point of view.

Why You Need to Cite Sources

This video, from The Learning Portal, provides a brief overview of the why and how to cite your sources when doing research.

Using NoodleTools Express to Cite a Webpage in MLA Style

In need of a powerful citation tool that is easy to use?  NoodleTools Express is the answer! Follow along one of MJC librarians as she demonstrates how to cite a webpage using MLA style.


Search Engine vs. Research Databases for College Research

Google and other search engines retrieve information to your queries instantly. Learn why you should use research databases instead to save time and effort!   

Finding an Article When You Have the Author and Title

Do you have a full or partial title for an article and an author? Use EBSCOHost's "Advanced Search" option to find it. 

Using Films on Demand

This video shows you the following: how to find Films on Demand, how to search by topic, how to share a film with yourself and others, and how to find a film if you already have a title. 

MJC Library Non-Credit Research Classes

Learn how to register and navigate our three free, online, pass/no pass library courses. If you take all three courses, you can earn a Certificate of Completion in Research Skills, and feel confident when you have your next research assignment.

Using NoodleTools Express to Create a Citation in APA Style

Need a quick, easy way to create citations in APA format? NoodleTools Express is the answer! Follow along with one of MJC librarians as she demonstrates how to cite an online journal article using APA style.