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Learn how to become a tutor and apply for the job

Apply To Be a Tutor

Tutor working with student

Applying to tutor Math or Science?

Please complete the application and email it to Alice Giagou at

Applying to tutor in other subjects?

Please complete the application and email it to Ian Miller at


Application Forms

Use the forms below to apply to be either a General Tutor or an Embedded Tutor.

Questions? Call: 209-575-6346

Tutors Are

  • Here to empower you to succeed
  • Role models who help students understand course content, go over homework exercises, and share learning strategies that help you prepare for tests and assignments
  • Students who have earned a high B or A and have been recommended by their instructors for classes they tutor
  • Students too, so they have flexible schedules to accommodate our students' needs