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Reserve a Study Room

You can reserve a study room on either East or West campus to work on your own or with a group. Just click the appropriate button below to get started.

If you have any questions please call: 209-575-6346 (East) or 209-575-6676 (West).

Study Room Policies

All Library & Learning Center policies apply. In addition, please note the following guidelines:

  • A student can book a study room for individual or group study for a maximum of two hours per day. 

  • Students MUST check in at the Welcome Desk with their photo ID before going to their rooms. If you don't check in within ten (10) minutes your ENTIRE reservation will be canceled.

  • The person who books the room MUST be present to check in before going to the room and through the entire duration of the booking. 

  • Each room has a maximum capacity determined by the size of the room, and groups should not exceed the maximum. 

  • While in the room, at least one light has to be on, and the door cannot be locked under any circumstances.  

  • Noise levels should not be heard outside the room.

  • Be courteous of other students and keep the study room clean. 

Please enjoy your visit!


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