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Empirical Research

Learn what empirical research is and how to find research articles in academic journals

Database How-To Videos

See how to search for academic articles using our Gale Databases and EBSCOhost Databases.

How Do You Find Empirical Research?

Empirical research is generally published in scholarly, peer-reviewed journals.

The MJC Library subscribes to several databases providing access to peer-reviewed journals. Not only do these databases provide access to this type of material, but they allow you to limit your searches to retrieve only peer-reviewed content.

What if MJC Doesn't Have What I Need?

If you need materials (books, articles, recordings, videos, etc.) that you cannot find in the library catalog or our databases, use our interlibrary loan service.

Using a DOI to Locate an Article

A DOI can be used to cite and link to electronic articles. A DOI is guaranteed never to change, so you can use it as a permanent link to any electronic article.

To find an article using a DOI

When you see a DOI reference in an article on the Internet, most of the time you can just click on the DOI in order to access the article (provided you have the needed access rights to the site where the article is located).

In case you see a DOI in a print document or when the online DOI is not clickable, and you want to access the article, please do the following:

  1. Copy the DOI of the document you want to open (e.g.: doi:10.2991/jnmp.2006.13.4.1).
  2. Go to :
  3. Enter the entire DOI in the text box provided, and then click Go.
  4. The document that matches the DOI citation will display in your browser window.

You can Google a DOI to find an article, although you may still have to sift through search results. To go straight to the source, you can also use a DOI resolver like the one linked to above from the International DOI Foundation.