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ANTHR 101 - Biological Anthropology (Bolter)

Learn to locate academically-appropriate sources for completing Debra Bolter's research assignment.

Search Terms

Use subject terms from your text or try these below to search for relevant information you'll need to complete your assignment:

  • australopithecines
  • bipedalism
  • human evolution
  • savanna mosaic
  • fossils
  • East Africa
  • South Africa
  • homo rudolfensis
  • homo habilis
  • homo ergaster
  • homo erectus
  • homo antecessor
  • homo heidelbergensis
  • homo neandertalensis
  • homo floresiensis
  • neanderthals
  • sima de los hueso

Use Databases to Find Articles

Why Use Databases?

The MJC Library subscribes to many databases filled with authoritative articles, book chapters, research reports, statistics, and more from thousands of respected publications.

Using the Library's article databases ensures that you're using the academically-appropriate sources your instructors expect you to use. Also, you won't have to cull through millions of unrelated Web pages that will waste your time and energy.

How Do I Use Databases?

To search for articles on your topic start by using one of the article databases listed below.

You can search these article databases either by topic or for a specific article.

All of these resources are free for you because you are a student at MJC. If you're working from anywhere off campus, you'll need to sign in. Once you click on the name of a database simply enter your student ID and six-digit birth date.