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APA 7th for Faculty: Overview

Learn about the changes to the APA Format in the new 7th edition

APA Is All New

APA tutorial

In October 2019, the American Psychological Association made radical changes its style, especially with regard to the format and citation rules for students writing academic papers. Use this guide to learn how to format and cite your papers using APA Style, 7th edition.

You can start by viewing the video tutorial.



Overview of Changes to APA Style, 7th edition

The biggest change is that APA style is now more student focused:

  • The guidelines distinguish between student and professional papers
  • Font choices are more flexible
  • No more running heads on student papers!
  • No more author information on student papers
  • APA provides information on annotated bibliographies
  • Most references do not include retrieval date
  • Do not include "retrieved from" in citation
  • Links can be live if the paper is to be accessed online
  • The manual has tabs for easy navigation

For complete information on changes to APA Style, visit the APA Style website and view the Guide to What's New in the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association, Seventh Edition.

Be sure to note the change to Database Information in References.


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