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Legal Research & Law

Research guide designed to help those researching the law or legal topics.

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Because of the Coronavirus emergency, research help is via Ask a Librarian.

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Welcome & Technical Issues

Welcome to the Legal Research LibGuide, which is a research guide designed to help you become more independent and effective in finding useful, credible information on state and federal laws, the concepts upon which those laws are based, and the cases that influence how they are enforced and interpreted.

Why Use This Guide:

Legal research can be intimidating because the sources are often written for lawyers and references to primary and secondary sources are not always available in traditional library tools. In addition, it can feel like you need to break some secret code in order to access the information you need. Don't've come to the right place. This guide provides you with tools to learn how to research effectively and points you to the resources you'll need.

A Few Technical Notes:

On your computer you need to:

Disable pop-up blockers

Here are some useful instructions from the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

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