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ENGL 101 - Archuleta - American Realism: Home

Use this guide to find outside sources to support your essays on class, race, and gender in the late 19th and early 20th century United States.

Start with Background Reading

Use the Gale eBooks database (link is below) to find short overview articles on topics related to your research.

Some recommended search terms:

  • Gilded Age (choose articles about the era, not the novel by Mark Twain)
  • American Realism
  • Jack London (or try the name of a different writer you are studying)
  • Industrialization
  • Women's rights
  • Labor Movement
  • Civil Rights Acts
  • Social Darwinism

Recommended Films for Background Research

Broadening Your Ideas

Try thinking about your readings in terms of how they fit into broader social movements in the United States. The sources below will give you some ideas:

Recommended Databases for Further Research

Recommended Library eBooks

Specialized Journals

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