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Computers & Wifi

Learn about our computers and wifi access


The Library & Learning Centers have hundreds of computers for you to use for your academic work. These are fully-functioning computing workstations. All MJC Library computers offer full Internet access.

We also have friendly and knowledgeable technology-savvy staff who can help you with computer problems or questions.


You can access the Internet from your own wireless device.

Network: YCCD

Username: student

Password: 4wifi


Troubleshooting Wireless Access:

If you see a choice of terminate or connect after entering the password, select connect, then enter the name and password again. Repeat as needed.

Student Help Desk

If you need assistance connecting to campus wi-fi or any technology, call the student help desk at (209) 575-7900.

You can also visit them on West Campus in Sierra Hall, Room 104.