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NoodleTools for Researchers

Learn how to use NoodleTools like a pro to create bibliographies, organize your research notes, and manage your research projects

Technical Note

You must have both cookies and JavaScript enabled in your Browser for NoodleTools to work. Click Here to learn how to enable these.

What is NoodleTools and Why Should I Use It?

Think of the full version of NoodleTools as a citation management tool on steroids. It is a complete research-management system. 

NoodleTools will help you:

  • Create bibliographies in MLA, APA, and Chicago styles then export them into your paper
  • Format your bibliography
  • Plan, gather, and organize your research using electronic note cards
  • Analyze, synthesize and incorporate your sources into your paper
  • Get immediate feedback from your instructor on your citations, sources, and papers
  • Work on group projects with your classmates using Google Docs

View this short overview (2:28 mins.) to see what NoodleTools can do for you. When the presentation opens click on the notes icon to read the text of the tutorial as you watch it.

NoodleTools vs. NoodleTools Express

What is the Difference Between NoodleTools and NoodleTools Express?

You can use NoodleTools Express when you just need to create one or two quick citations. There's no need to log in -- simply create citations using the form in NoodleTools Express then copy and paste what you need into your paper.