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Welcome to the Writing Center: Welcome

The Writing Center is your destination for getting help with writing assignments for all of your MJC classes

What is the Writing Center?

Writing Center

The Writing Center is the part of the Library & Learning Center where students can get help with all aspects of the writing process.

What You Can Expect From The Writing Center

You will work one-on-one with a trained tutor. Any currently-registered MJC student can make an appointment to work with a tutor on any aspect of writing including:

  • Understanding your assignment or research prompt
  • Brainstorming paper ideas
  • Discussing grammar
  • Learning to recognize errors in punctuation, and more

Trained tutors will help you with your writing but will not write your paper for you. They will empower you to be a more skillful writer.

Meet With a Writing Center Tutor

Appointments (In-Person & Online)

You can work with a tutor either in-person or online.

To Make an Appointment 

  • Be sure that you have registered for Tutor 850 before you schedule your appointment.
  • Click the schedule button below.
  • See the Step-by-Step instructions below.

If you have questions or do not see the class for which you need to make an appointment, call:  (209) 575-6346


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