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ENGL 103 - Miranda - Roe v. Wade: Home

Use this guide to help you research issues connected to Roe v. Wade


Explore your topic in books

Arguing about Abortion

Abortion is one of the most contentious issues in modern America. It's difficult to find anyone who is neutral on the issue. 

As an exercise in understanding point of view, consider the following two articles, which use the SAME STATISTICS, the number of abortions performed in 2004 by race of the woman, to argue distinctly different sides of the issue:

Choosing your topic

Do some background reading in the Gale eBooks database. Try the following search terms depending on the prompt you chose:

  • Roe v. Wade
  • abortion
  • fetal development
  • embryonic development
  • privacy
  • child care
  • adoption
  • single parent families
  • child support

Other good databases for background reading (use the search term Abortion for the most results):

Background films

Use library databases for indepth research

Once you have narrowed your topic, use more specific search terms in these databases. Examples of more specific terms include:

  • "undue burden" abortion
  • fetal viability

Recommended blogs

Searching the Web

  • Use the Web for current statistics, laws, and opinions from advocacy groups. 
  • Don't forget to evaluate all Web sources using the CRAAP test
Google Web Search

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