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Use this guide to complete the polio assignment

Your Assignment

Understand Your Assignment

Before you jump into your research, take some time to examine your prompt. Being familiar with your instructor's guidelines is key to your success on any research project.

Because your instructor got the idea for this project from a current case in New York, you might be interested in what's happening there. The article below will give you that insight.

Start with General Information

Start with Background Information

You need to begin by understanding the three types (serotypes) of polioviruses: P1, P2, P3. You need to be able to distinguish the serotypes of polioviruses from the three types of paralytic poliomyelitis.

A great place to start is by using our database Gale eBooks. Use the link below to access Gale eBooks, then search for the term polio.

Resources to Help You Answer the Assignment Questions

General Polio Information

Polio Types and Disease Potential

More on Disease Potential (Part 2 of the Question on Polio Types)

Polio Vaccination Immunity

Public Health Policy