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Introduction to Marine Biology (Bio 140 - Curtis)

Research tips & resources for Teri Curtis' class


 Hi, I'm Stella Beratlis, one of the MJC Librarians.  I'd love to work with you at any stage of your research, and I can help you in person at the reference desk, by phone, or by email. 

How This Guide Works:

  • This guide is designed specifically to complement Teri Curtis's Marine Biology class (Spring 2019)
  • You can work through the entire research guide by moving through the subject tabs at the top from left to right, or
  • You can pick and choose topics that interest you and jump around in the guide

I encourage you to return to this guide as many times as you need.

For more thorough instructions on how to conduct successful research in general please check out our How to Research guide. 

I welcome your comments and suggestions for making this guide more useful, so please feel free to send me your comments.  Just click on the Comments links when you see them to send me your constructive suggestions.

Assignment notes: 

  • You are setting up a website for your project. Recommended: Google Sites
  • Professor Curtis asks you to choose either MLA or APA citation style for your outside source documentation

Overview of Research Process