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In-Person Services: Home

The East Campus Library & Learning Center will open for in-person use on January 18, 2022.

Until then, we are here to help you online.

In-Person Services (Library & Learning Center, East Campus)

Looking for a quiet place to study? Need to pick up a calculator? Want to use a computer on campus to print? Come to the Library & Learning Center on East Campus to use one of our many in-person services. 

Welcome back! We are so happy to be able to work with you in person again.

For your safety and the safety of others we are adhering to the following measures:

  • Before entering the Library & Learning Center, students must show verified proof of COVID-19 vaccination or negative COVID-19 test result from the YCCD Healthy Returns online portal. No-cost COVID-19 testing for students will be available weekdays at both MJC East and West campus locations. No-cost COVID-19 testing for students will be available weekdays at both MJC East and West campus locations. Any student not wishing to submit proof of vaccination or negative COVID-19 test may use our many online services.
  • Masking is strictly enforced.
  • Please be considerate of others and maintain social distancing whenever possible.
  • All computers and desks have been placed at a minimum of 6ft apart.
  • Please do not move chairs or furniture from their designated areas.
  • Rooms are available for Zoom only, not student collaboration. 
  • All surfaces, keyboards, and mice are cleaned regularly to ensure the best environment possible for all students.

For a complete description of MJC COVID-19 safety protocols please visit the COVID-19 Safety & Guidance page.

Work with Librarians and Tutors

Librarians and tutors are available to work with you in person on campus. Check out our hours for available times.

Laptops, Hotspots & More

You can checkout a laptop or hotspot for the semester in addition to calculators and some textbooks. For complete information and to make a reservation, click here.

Study Tables

Students are welcome to sit at one of our designated study tables that are socially-distanced from other students. On your first visit, check in with the Welcome Desk and we will show you our simple check-in process. We have 41 seats available.

Zoom Rooms

Need a private room for a zoom appointment or class? Ask the Welcome Desk for a Zoom Room! The rooms are to be used by one student for the duration of their class or appointment. Meet our staff at the Welcome Desk to make a reservation. 

Computers & Printing

When you need to use a computer, we'll give you a sanitized keyboard and mouse. Printing is also available; you can print 10 black & white pages or 4 color pages for free. Let a staff member know if you have questions. We also have 5 computers from the Magic Lab and 5 from the Accounting Lab for you to use. We have 48 computers available for students to use in the L & LC.


Want to make a photocopy? Ask a staff member and we will direct you to our copy machines. You may print 10 pages for free; after that, the cost will be 10 cents a page. 

Have Questions? 
Email us at