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In-Person Services (Library & Learning Center, East Campus)

Looking for a quiet place to study? Need to pick up a calculator? Want to use a computer on campus to print? Come to the Library & Learning Center on East Campus to use one of our many in-person services. 

We are so happy to be able to work with you in person again, even if it is on a limited basis.

For your safety and the safety of others we are adhering to the following measures:

  • Social Distancing and masking is strictly enforced.
  • One student per table, computer, or Zoom room.
  • All computers and desks have been placed at a minimum of 6ft apart.
  • Please do not move chairs or furniture from their designated areas.
  • All surfaces, keyboards, and mice are cleaned regularly to ensure the best environment possible for all students.

Welcome back!

Work with Tutors and Librarians

Tutors and librarians are available on a limited basis to work with you in person on campus. Check out our hours for available times.

Laptops, Hotspots & More

You can checkout a laptop or hotspot for the semester in addition to calculators and some textbooks. For complete information and to make a reservation, click here.

Study Tables

Students are welcome to sit at one of our designated study tables that are socially-distanced from other students. On your first visit, check in with the Welcome Desk and we will show you our simple check-in process. 

Zoom Rooms

Need a private room for a zoom appointment or class? Ask the Welcome Desk for a Zoom Room! The rooms are to be used by one student for the duration of their class or appointment. Meet our staff at the Welcome Desk to make a reservation. 

Computers & Printing

When you need to use a computer, we'll give you a sanitized keyboard and mouse. Printing is also available; you can print 10 black & white pages or 4 color pages for free. Let a staff member know if you have questions. We also have 5 computers from the Magic Lab and 5 from the Accounting Lab for you to use.


Want to make a photocopy? Ask a staff member and we will direct you to our copy machines. You may print 10 pages for free; after that, the cost will be 10 cents a page. 

Have Questions? 
Email us at