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ENGL 101- Bento - Divisions in American Society: Home

Use this guide to get started on your research paper on divisions in American society today.


Start Here!

The best place to start reading about your topic is to find the articles that are already assigned for this course. Several of the research paper topics are covered in the weeks AFTER Week 10, so scroll ahead in the course and read the article or articles your teacher has already selected on your topic.

Read background information

One of the best places to start a research project is with overview articles from specialized encyclopedias. That's what is in the Gale eBooks database.

Click on the Gale eBooks link below, and try searches using the search words listed in the box below.

Other good sources for background information are the databases below:

Develop search words

image of a checklistIn Gale eBooks, use broad terms such as:

  • political polarization
  • racism
  • systemic racism
  • freedom of speech
  • economic inequality
  • baby boomers
  • millenial generation
  • news media

In the larger databases (Gale Databases and EBSCOhost as well as Google and Google Scholar), try combining terms or using specific terms inside quotation marks:

  • racism and education
  • "safe spaces" speech
  • "social justice education"
  • "news media" polarization
  • "gender inequality" U.S.

Create questions to guide your research

Find focused information in library databases

All of these resources are free for MJC students, faculty, & staff.

Search using the Search Words listed in this guide, or use words more specific to your topic.

The databases linked to below are good for general articles as well as Scholarly articles--see the videos in the box below!

Finding scholarly (academic) articles

Use the videos below to see how easy it is to find academic journal articles in two of our most used databases.

Use EBSCOhost Databases to Find Academic Journal Articles


Searching for Academic Articles in Gale Databases

Using books

Use books to read both broad overviews and detailed discussions of your topic.

Search for books in the library catalog using the search words you created, or click on the links provided in the Recommended Books boxes below.

Recommended eBooks @ MJC Library

Recommeded print books @ MJC Library

Related research guides

Use these MJC Library Research Guides to find more sources on the following topics:

How to get more help from the library

Using MJC Library Databases

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Other Ways To Get Help

Can't Chat? Try these other ways to get help.

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How-To Videos

Citation Styles

Your instructor should tell you which citation style they want you to use. Click on the appropriate link below to learn how to format your paper and cite your sources according to a particular style.