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ANTHRO 102 - Sinervo - Commodity Chains Project (Spring 2021): Home

Use this guide to complete your Commodity Chains Project for ANTHR 102.


Start with Background Reading

Use the Gale eBooks database (link is below) to find short overview articles on topics related to your research.

Useful Search Terms
  • Use the name of your product
  • supply chain
  • manufacturing processes

Recommended Films

View any of these films from our library databases, Docuseek and Films on Demand

How to Make

How to Make video launcher








In this three-video series, material scientist, Zoe Laughlin, focuses on a specific domestic item to build: Trainers, Toothpaste and Brush, and Headphones. She explores the historical development and social context that we all identify with. 

Death by Design

Death by Design video launcher








In an investigation that spans the globe, award-winning filmmaker Sue Williams investigates the underbelly of the international electronics industry and reveals how even the tiniest devices have deadly environmental and health costs.

Quirky Science

Quirky Science video launcher








This 13-part series explores just exactly where science went awry and led to new discoveries and inventions. Each episode shows viewers that even though some past moments in science may seem crazy to us today, they made perfect sense at the time—and vice versa! It also shows how these moments led either to a breakthrough in understanding or to a new product, which ultimately turned out to be something we enjoy and perhaps take for granted today.

Recommended Databases for Further Research

Recommended Library eBooks

Use the Web for Research

Web Facts
  • Most information on the Web does not go through any sort of review process.
  • Anyone can publish anything on the Web.
  • Not all information on the Web is true.
  • Not all information you find on the Web is free.
  • Information on the Web is not comprehensive.
  • Most information on the Web is not permanent.

You should care about this because you want to use the best resources you can to answer your research questions and learn about your topic.

Evaluating Web Resources

You'll evaluate Web sources like you do other sources. You'll need to look at a few criteria and ask yoCRAAP Testurself these questions:

  • Currency - Is the information on the Website current. 
  • Relevancy - Does this information help you understand your topic better.
  • Authority - Does the person or organization responsible for this information have real expertise on this subject.
  • Accuracy - Is the information provided supported by evidence.
  • Point of View - Is this Website trying to sell you something or does it offer objective facts.
  • What Are Others Saying About This Site - Do a quick Web search to see what other sites use this site or what they are saying about this site. Search for information about the author and any studies or tests they refer to.
Selected Websites for this Project

You can get started with your Web searching with these sites below:

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