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Library Research Assignment (COMM 100 - McKissick)

Use this guide if you need help with your COMM 100 library research assignment.

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Fall 2020 Research Help
To prevent the spread of COVID-19, all Fall 2020 research help is being conducted online via Ask a Librarian.

You can also make an online appointment via our Meet with a Librarian service.

I will be staffing our online Research Help according to the following schedule.*

Wednesdays: 2pm-4pm
Thursdays: 10am-12pm
Fridays: 12pm-2pm

*If these days/times don't work for you, use the link above to email me. We will figure something out!

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When you are assigned a college research paper or a speech, you have to take many steps to complete the task. MJC librarians have written a research guide that walks you through the entire process--Ready, Set, Research!. This is very helpful if you haven't  done much research before, or need a refresher.

The assignment you are doing for COMM 100, however, focuses only on locating and citing information once you have chosen your topic. This guide will help you, step-by-step, with each section of the assignment. Be sure to carefully read the instructions for each question. 

Some of the images or videos are a little out-of-date but should still be helpful to you. Read the instructions on the assignment carefully and you should be able to figure out where to access the information you need. Remember to contact a librarian if you need help.

Choosing a Topic

You may already have a topic in mind for this assignment. If not, you can take a look at the Choose Your Topic page of our Ready, Set, Research! guide for some suggestions. For this assignment, let's say I choose to research the question "Can a parent raise a healthy child on a vegan diet?"

Once I've chosen a topic, I need to identify some key words and phrases to use in my searches. For more information on this, please see the Identify Search Terms page of our Ready, Set, Research! guide. Some possible terms include: 

  • vegan, veganism
  • vegetarian, vegetarianism
  • child, children, adolescent, infant
  • diet, nutrition, health

When you have identified both a topic and some search terms, you are ready to begin locating credible, relevant information sources available through the MJC Library.

Using This Guide

Each of the next five pages in this guide addresses a section of your assignment--in order. Click a gold link in the navigation bar at the left to move to a new page or use the Previous and Next links at the bottom of each page.

The boxes on each page provide information, and often videos, about how to answer each question in that section of the assignment.

For example, if you need help with question 2 (in the Background Information section of the assignment), you would select the Background Information link in the nav bar, then find the box containing information about questions 2-3.

If you have not used the Library & Learning Center's website before, you may want to view the video below.

You will find a box at the bottom of each page that point you to sources of citation information in both APA and MLA styles.

Get To Know MJC Library's Website

Spend a couple minutes being introduced to our website, including how to locate our online resources. Note that this video is a few months old and things have changed slightly.