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For Herold's ENGL100 course: Monster theme, 2019

Your Assignment

Essay 3 (Text to Text)

  • doesn't require outside sources but recommends including one
  • based on theory from their book:  Anne K. Mellor's "Frankenstein:  A Feminist Critique of Science, Freud's "The Uncanny," Judith Halberstam's "Parasites and Perverts:  An Introduction to Goth Monstrosity," or Jefferey Jerome Cohen "Monster Culture (Seven Theses)
  • will also have to include any other reading they have used this semester from their textbooks, both are titled Monsters and are available on reserve in the East Campus library


Essay 4 (Text to Texts; aka Research Paper)

  • final research paper
  • 8-10 pages 
  • requires reliable, academic sources (at least one must be from an academic journal)
  • based on a novel they are reading from their book club, which may include:  Stephen King's Carrie, Max Brooks's World War Z, or Robert Louis Stevenson's Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde,. Bram Stoker's Dracula, Oscar Wilde's The Picture of Dorian Gray, or Mary Shelley's Frankenstein. 

Step One: Familiarize Yourself With Your Chosen Theory/Texts

Begin your project by doing some background reading on your topic. Preliminary reading helps you:

  • achieve a basic understanding of your theory
  • begin to identify interesting specific questions that will form the backbone of your research; and
  • start to acquire vital search terms you need in order to explore your subject more fully. 
Google Web Search

Step Two: Find, Read, and Reflect on Your Sources

Find sources on the topics that you identified in Step 1.

  • Do a comprehensive search utilizing all the sources below; leave no stone unturned
  • Print/save/email the sources you find as you go to avoid backtracking
  • Read your sources several times, highlighting relevant information and making notes as you go.
  • If you find sources that will help others in your team, SHARE THEM.
  • If you have trouble finding the appropriate type or number of sources: MEET WITH A RESEARCH LIBRARIAN

Step Three: Start Writing a Draft

  • Make an appointment with writing center staff at least once. They will help you get started, proceed, and/or finish. This is a free service that you should always utilize to maximize your success.
  • Utilize the MJC Library & Learning Center's FORMAT & CITE page to aid with MLA. A research librarian can provide face-to-face assistance with formatting and citing as well. 

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