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POLSC 165 - Stephens

A guide to finding and evaluating scholarly sources for Stephen's Fall 2018 POLSC 165 class

Scholarly, Substantive, and Popular Sources

Finding Peer Reviewed Articles in the Databases

The MJC Library subscribes to several databases providing access to peer-reviewed journals. Not only do these databases provide access to this type of material, but they allow you to limit your searches to retrieve only peer-reviewed content. The two below are a great place to start.

Political Science Journals


The sheer number of journals available through a general EBSCohost search can be intimidating.  There is definitely something to be said for narrowing your search to journal that you know will be written from the perspective of a political scientist.  That's what the link below does.  Click on it, and you will be directed to an Ebscohost search that has been limited to Political Science Journals.

Specialized Ebscohost Search

Please keep in mind that this search only searches a very small number of journals. However, they all deal directly with Political Science, they are all full text, and they are all scholarly.  

Interlibrary Loan (ILL)

Unfortunately, EBSCOhost does not  provide full text access to all of the journals that it indexes (This means that it has abstracts, but not the whole article).   If you  cannot find full text articles that meet your needs, you can broaden your search by deselecting  the full text box in EBSCOhost 

Following the link below will lead you to a EBSCOhost search that will allow you to look through abstracts of journals that you can request through ILL

Journals with articles  that  mayl require ILL  Requests

If you want to make an ILL request  for a certain article you find in the search above, or an article in the Reference section of another article you have found on a subject, the best way to do so is to search for that exact title of the article, not the journal in WorldCat, and then  follow the instructions in the box below.

Request Items Owned by Another Library (Interlibrary Loan)

Sometimes neither the MJC Library nor Columbia will own an item you want. If it is not required for a course, you can request it from another WorldCat library. Physical materials that need to be mailed may take a week or two to arrive, but something like a journal article can be emailed and is often located and sent within a couple of days. There is usually no cost to you for this Interlibrary Loan (ILL) service.

To Request an Item:

  1. Locate the item in WorldCat. Click the title. When you see that a library outside YCCD owns it (Libraries Worldwide), click the Request Item button.
    Book owned by libraries outside YCCD
  2. You will need to complete this Interlibrary Loan (ILL) form. Be sure to provide information in all fields with an asterisk. Click Submit.
    Interlibrary loan form
  3. If you decide you no longer need this item, please let us know so the libraries don't go to the time and expense of mailing it to you. In WorldCat, select Sign In in the top right corner and you can cancel the hold yourself. (Didn't set up your account yet? Click the Sign in to WorldCat tab for instructions.) You can also contact us at 209-575-6228.
  4. When your requested item is ready for pickup, you will receive an email. Check your student email regularly so you don't miss library notifications. We can only hold the item for one week before sending it back to the lending library.