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POLSC 165 - Stephens

A guide to finding and evaluating scholarly sources for Stephen's Fall 2018 POLSC 165 class

Meet Your Librarian

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Mike Leamy
(209) 575-6254
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Wednesdays: 2-4

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Hi!  My name is Michael Leamy, and I'm a librarian at the MJC East Library. I'm here because you're instructor wants you to learn how to use the MJC databases to find reputable sources that will help you with your research.  

After this presentation, this guide will also be available on the library's web site. So don't feel like you need to memorize everything I talk about today.  And, maybe most importantly, there are lots of ways for you to reach a librarian if you have questions. Don't be afraid to ask for help, whether you need help developing a topic or someone to look over your References page when you're all done.