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Professor Al Smith: Learning Outcomes in History & Social Science: History 154

A guide to help students navigate successfully through Professor Smith's Assessment Project

Course Learning Outcomes

History 154: African-Americans Prior to 1900

Theme: THE PROBLEM OF WEALTH   Exploring the concept of political economy as motivation for political change.

Upon satisfactory completion of this course, the student should be prepared to:

  1. Demonstrate factual knowledge of key political, economic, social and cultural events and issues in African American history through the 19th century.
  2. Apply critical thinking (including causal analysis and skeptical inquiry) to historical concepts and developments in history.
  3. Evaluate, analyze and interpret primary and secondary historical sources and make historical arguments based on these sources. 

Find Books & Articles

Below you'll find links to the MJC Library Catalog (WorldCat) and a selection of library databases that give researchers a  great place to find full-text, academically appropriate books and articles. Each source  provides access to different publications, so be experiment with a variety of databases. 

Know Your Search Terms

Searching databases is not always as easy as searching Google. Keyword searches that work well in Google sometimes fail to yield as good as results in WorldCat and the library databases. Should you get stuck, below are some search terms that should help you find relevant sources. These terms provide a launching point for your research.  MJC Research Librarians can always help you identify more terms.

  • Political science Colonialism & postcolonialsm
  • Capitalism history
  • Africa religion
  • Africa history
  • Slave trade Africa history
  • Slavery economic aspects
  • African Americans Civil rights History 18th century 
  • African Americans Civil rights History 19th century
  • African Americans Social conditions 17th century

  • African Americans Social conditions 18th century

  • Slaves United States

  • Slaves Social conditions

  • Slavery United States History 17th century

  • Slavery United States History 18th century

  • Women slaves
  • Slave insurrections
  • African Americans Segregation
  • African Americans Crimes against