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Professor Al Smith: Learning Outcomes in History & Social Science: Welcome

A guide to help students navigate successfully through Professor Smith's Assessment Project

History Matters

Why Course Learning Outcomes

Did you know students are not the only ones held accountable for the learning that transpires in classrooms? Your professors are also responsible. They are responsible to their students, to the college and the district, to lawmakers, and to the taxpayers of California. Every course taught on this campus has specific learning outcomes connected to it. These learning outcomes represent the fundamental skills, knowledge, and values a student successfully passing the class takes away from it. To put in another way, learning outcomes are a professor's way of saying, "These are the things students passing my class will know, and these are the things they will be able to do." 

Just as your professors assess  the work their students do (often by assigning a grade), so do they assess their own contribution to the learning that takes place in their classroom.  By assessing whether or not their students are meeting the learning outcomes attached to their courses, your professors can identify which areas of their teaching are the most successful, and which areas need improvement. 

The purpose of your Final Project is thus doubly important. It helps Professor Smith assess what you've learned, as well as helping Professor Smith assess how well he has facilitated the learning that happens in his classrooms. Two! Two for the price of one!

How to Use This Guide

There is a separate tab for each of Professor Smith's courses, above. Simply "click" on the tab with your course number on it and you'll find a summary of the tasks you need to complete, useful links to databases where you can find potential sources, and a list of good search terms for you to plug into those databases.

If at any time you feel confused,  need clarification, or want to confirm what you should be doing, do not hesitate to reach out to your MJC Research Librarians. Check out the box below to learn about some of the ways you can seek assistance from us.

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