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AGEC 210 - Elements of Agricultural Economics

This guide is created to help students complete the library lab for Agriculture Business 210 class, and to help students learn to evaluate information and choose credible sources.

What is a Credible Source?

Find out from this fun 10-minute tutorial Credible Sources Count!

Books you get from the library, and articles you find in the library's research databases are almost always reliable and credible. Those books & articles have gone through an editorial process; someone or some group checked the author's facts and arguments before the book or article was published.

Know your Sources

How to Evaluate Sources

For more in-depth information about the CRAAP test, follow the link below

Evaluating Web Sites

When you find an article in the MJC databases, or use books or articles you find in our print collection, you can be fairly sure that they pass the CRAAP test. Of course, you should check the publication date to ensure currency,

Websites are a different story. It can be difficult to know whether information found online is reliable or not. The following video explains how  to evaluate web sites

Web Search Tools You Can Trust

Use search tools you can trust. These contain Web resources that have already been evaluated for credibility.

Research 101

For more in-depth research instruction, check out our other research guides, such as: