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Find Peer-Reviewed Articles

A quick lesson defining peer-reviewed articles and providing tips on how to identify them.


Searching for Academic Articles in Gale Databases

Use EBSCOhost Databases to Find Academic Journal Articles

Using Article Databases

The MJC Library subscribes to several databases providing access to peer-reviewed journals. Not only do these databases provide access to this type of material, but they allow you to limit your searches to retrieve only peer-reviewed content. Take a look at the videos on the left for step-by-step instructions on how to limit your searches on various databases.

Using Print Journals

If you are using a printed journal, you will need to examine it physically to determine its peer-review status. Follow these steps:

  1. Locate the masthead of the publication. The masthead is usually located at the front or the end of the periodical, and contains publication information such as the editors of the journal, the publisher, the place of publication, the subscription cost and similar information. Does the journal say that it is peer-reviewed? If so, you're done! If not, please continue.
  2. Check in and around the masthead to locate the method for submitting articles to the publication. If you find information similar to "to submit articles, send three copies…", the journal is probably peer-reviewed. In this case, you are assuming that the publication is then going to send those multiple copies of the article to the journal's reviewers. This may not always be the case, so relying upon this criterion alone may prove inaccurate.
  3. Find the official Web site to determine if the journal is peer-reviewed by examine the "About Us" (or similar) information. Be careful to use the official site...the Web address can often be located near the masthead.