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ENGL 100 - Howard: Researching Art Movements

This guide provides step-by-step instructions on how to approach the English 100 Research Paper on visual art movements/forms.

STEP ONE: Understand Your Assignment

Meeting Expectations

Before you start researching, closely examine the prompt. Familiarity with your instructor's guidelines is crucial for any research project. What are the goals of the assignment? What does your professor expect to see in your work? Review the prompt often as you research and write your essay to stay on track.

STEP TWO: Choose an Intriguing Movement or Artist

Need ideas on movements and/or artists?
 Google Arts & Culture: Art Movements        

STEP THREE: Create Some Research Questions

Create some basic questions to guide your research and focus your reading. The questions below are based on your professor's assignment prompt, and will help keep you on track!

STEP FOUR: Find Sources to Answer Your Questions

Use the databases below to search for credible, full-text sources on art movements, artists, and specific works. Databases even provide MLA citations! MJC Library databases are accessible 24/7 from your home technology. If you need help navigating the databases, please do not hesitate to ASK A LIBRARIAN.

The Library & Learning Center also has art books in print. Look them up in the library's catalog:

STEP FIVE: Evaluate Your Sources

It is is essential you use credible, authoritative sources on all college work. Evaluation takes practice!  

CRAAP Test criteria

STEP SIX: Follow MLA Formatting & Citing Guidelines

This video explains how a format style like MLA affects your work. The MJC Library has great MLA resources on their LEARN TO CITE: MLA page.

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